“Delta” is a fully qualified ASME Code fabrication company that offers experienced engineering, design, and fabrication skills; as well as strict Quality Control Assurance in accordance with the following codes and standards: ASME Sec. VIII Div.1-Stamp, ASME Sec. VIII Div. 2-Stamp, NBIC® Stamp, AWS, API, ANSI, DOT, NACE, MMS, OSHA, EPA, NEMA, TEMS, and DEQ. Delta’s “Core” business involves supplying O&G Exploration and Transportation Companies with job (Site) specific; custom-engineered, designed, fabricated, Process Package Solutions.

Currently, Delta employs an average of 45 employees which consists of manufacturing and service personnel, engineering/design team members, quality inspection team members, safety team members, sales and marketing team members and office administration personnel.

Delta can take full responsibility ranging from all codes, standards, and services listed through any additional specifications requested by its customers and incorporate them together in the fabrication process using the latest model fabrication equipment to ensure the most cost efficient and highest quality product.