In 2013 Delta Compression and Equipment decided to add a used equipment division to our company to assist our customers on their fast pace projects.

Delta realized that some of our customers were looking for alternatives to new construction equipment. This need was in part due to the deliveries of new equipment as well as some budgetary restrictions faced by our customers. With this in mind Delta has created a vast inventory of used equipment that can be delivered “As-Is” or refurbished and altered to meet our customers’ needs and specifications. This inventory allows us the ability to meet the “fast pace” deliveries that our customers are in need of as well as the budgetary restrictions that have been placed on them for certain projects.

If Delta does not have the equipment in inventory we can find it for you in most cases as we have established connections throughout the country and all repairs and alterations are handled in-house utilizing our qualified staff to meet your expectations.

Contact us at to inquire about a particular piece of equipment or to be added to our mail out list so that you will be up to date on all of our stock equipment.